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Cinemin is a fun camera app with no AI and animated film aesthetics

Tinrocket, makers of Waterlogue and Olli, released Cinemin, a camera app that shoots animated photos and videos without AI filters.

The free app’s filters are inspired by traditional animated art and films. Apply filters while capturing photos or videos to preview them live. After taking a picture, you can edit it with line cleanup, shadows, flatness, brightness, tint, dark color, light color, temperature, and contrast.

The app has a full-screen cinema mode for video recording without distractions.

Cinemin’s in-app purchases unlock features like saving unfiltered photos and videos for editing and exporting 3K and 4K videos. Pay $0.99 per month or $5.99 per year to unlock these features. The app has a $9.99 one-time purchase option.

Company founder John Balestrieri said he studied art and design. Therefore, he incorporates that into his apps. Cinemin shoots 2D animation, so many images and videos look flat.

I’ve explored art and vision with computer graphics for 20+ years. He told via email that each of his apps (Percolator, Waterlogue, Cinemin, etc.) focuses on visual or aesthetic principles rooted in the human visual system and centuries of art tradition.

While many apps use generative AI to edit photos, Balestrieri said it requires a lot of training data and he doesn’t want to exploit artists by using their work for AI.

“Generative AI is great if you don’t know what you’re doing—dump in a million pictures and have the computer ‘figure it out,’ — but figuring it out for myself is part of my art journey,” he said.

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