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oukitel christmas sale

Oukitel Christmas Sale offers amazing smartphones for low prices

Christmas is approaching fast and the time to buy gifts is shorter and shorter every minute. Everbuying thought of their customers and planned an activity that will allow them to buy the best Christmas gifts for reasonable prices, without needing to go from store to store. The online store is offering the best Oukitel devices for incredibly low prices. The Oukitel Christmas Sale might be exactly what customers need right now, given the fact that they can buy two smartphones with incredibly high- capacity batteries and a smartwatch for astonishing prices.

Oukitel-K6000_1The Oukitel K6000 is definitely an impressive smartphone. It isn’t a flagship device, but its huge battery is able to compensate for everything people might think it lacks. The 6000 mAh battery of the device is able to ensure more than a week’s worth of battery life on a single charge. It’s more than double of the size of the batteries featured by some of the flagship devices of 2015, and this should be enough for the majority of people who need a reliable smartphone that is capable of completing day-to-day tasks without any problems. The metal body of the smartphone with the chamfered edges is youthful and elegant at the same time, making the K6000 a quite eye-catching device. The Oukitel K6000 has a 5.5-inch HD screen that will deliver good quality images, offering a good user experience. The K6000 is powered by an MTK6735 64bit Quad Core processor clocked at 1.0GHz and a Mali-T720 GPU. These two work together in order to make sure that the smartphone will be fast enough to be able to complete all the tasks users need it to. The K6000 includes 2GB of RAM and 16GB internal storage, so it is similar to some of the flagship devices that were released this year. In addition to this, the K6000 also features a microSD card slot that enables users to extend the storage of the device by up to 32GB. The cameras of the K6000 are perfect for capturing all the important moments of the users’ lives. The back camera has an 8MP (SW 13MP) sensor that will deliver high- quality images, and the 2MP (SW 5MP) front-facing camera is perfect for taking selfies on a night out. The cameras are also capable of recording video, so no memory will be left uncaptured. All in all the K6000 is a smartphone that is capable of meeting the needs of the majority of users, and on top of this, it has a super impressive 6000mAh battery which is quite uncommon. Looking around everywhere in order to find a socket to plug in your smartphone will no longer be necessary. The K6000 is a dual SIM smartphone, so you can have a single device for your personal number and your work number too. The activity price of the Oukitel K6000 is $119.99, but if you use the K6000 coupon code when ordering the smartphone, you can get it for a special price and pay only $115.99.

Oukitel-K4000-imageOukitel K4000 is K6000’s little brother. As the model’s name suggests, the K4000 has a 4000mAh battery. After looking at the Oukitel K6000 the 4000mAh battery doesn’t seem really impressive, but when we think of the fact that the majority of current flagships have 3000mAh or smaller batteries, the K4000 is beginning to look a lot better. The dual SIM dual standby Oukitel K4000 has a slightly smaller, 5-inch display. It has the same 1080 x 720 pixels resolution as the K6000, so the pixel density will be a better one, and the delivered images will be sharper. The 2.5D Arc screen is not only sharp but also beautiful, which makes the K4000 quite an appealing device. Display resolution is not the only common feature of the two Oukitel smartphones. They are powered by the same MTK6735 64bit Quad Core processor clocked at 1.0GHz and they also share the same make and model GPU. Just like the K6000, the K4000 includes 2GB of RAM and 16GB of internal storage, which can be further extended by up to 32GB due to the microSD card slot it features. The 8.0MP (Interpolation to 13.0MP) back and the front camera 2.0MP (Interpolation to 5.0MP) a common feature of the two smartphones. This means that the pictures captured by the K4000 will also be accurate, beautiful and memorable. As we already stated, the K4000 is a smaller version of the K6000, with a smaller battery but mainly the same features. The price difference will definitely not be the feature that will make people choose one over the other, so it really depends on whether you want your smartphone to last through 5 days of normal use on a single charge, or you would like it to ensure up to 10 days of daily use on a single charge. The price of the K4000, until the promotion ends or the stock maxes out, is $109.99, but if you use the K4000 coupon code it can be yours for only $102.99.

oukitel-A29-smartwatchSmartphones are not the only devices the Oukitel Christmas Sale has to offer. Until the end of the year, Everbuying customers can also benefit from the special price of the Oukitel A29 smartwatch. The gadget’s price on Santa Deal is $59.99, but just like the smartphones, it also has a special price when the A29 coupon code is used. If you use the coupon code when you order the smartwatch you can get it for an even lower $50.99 price. The A29 has a 1.22-inch round watch face and a comfortable leather strap. The display of the smartwatch is protected by a super durable sapphire glass, so users don’t have to worry about easily scratching the screen of their wearable gadget. The metal watch case also contributes to the durability of the gadget, ensuring users that their reliable fitness partner will remain with them for a long time. The A29 can be paired with smartphones, but it can also be used as one since it supports its own SIM card. This way, whenever you don’t feel like carrying your smartphone with you to a certain place you can still keep in touch with people via your smartwatch.Besides the fact that you can sync your smartphone’s call log, contacts, music and more with your smartwatch, it also has a number of features that will come in handy when exercising. The A29 has a heart-rate monitor, a sleep monitor, a pedometer, and a sedentary reminder which will all work together in making you healthier and more fit. The Oukitel A29 is powered by a MTK2502 processor and includes 64MB of RAM and 128MB internal storage. This isn’t much, but since you can pair with your smartphone you don’t really need more internal storage on it anyway. The A29’s battery is a 23mAh one, so it will last for a few days on a single charge. The smartwattch is comppatible with Android and iOS smartphones, so you can purchase it no matter what kind of a smartphone you use. The A29 has all the features that any other smartwatch has to offer, but it offers them for an affordable price. Although it’s not a high-end smartwatch it can still become someone’s perfect Christmas gift, so you really should consider putting it on your shopping list.

All the products of the Oukitel Christmas Sale are good quality and really affordable. The offer however is limited, both in time and in stock, so you should think fast and order even faster if you would like to own or to give away as a gift some of the most impressive affordable smartphones and smartwatches available at this point.

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