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The Army prioritizes drones in its underfunded wishlist

What are the desires of Army officials that are insufficient to be included in their official 2025 budget proposal? Defense One Friday received the service’s “unfunded priorities” list, which includes aerial drones, counter-drone technology, and ground robotics for smaller troops.Service leaders have consistently expressed their intention to provide units with …

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Stanford engineers have developed a revolutionary actuator that reduces energy consumption by 97%

Scientists at Stanford have created a new device that can perform dynamic tasks with significantly less energy than before.As machines continue to advance, they are being tasked with more and more complex and dynamic responsibilities. This includes creating powered prostheses for amputees and developing robots capable of navigating the outside …

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What is the impact of hot and cold weather on batteries?

The use of batteries has facilitated numerous technological advancements. It is probable that you are perusing this text on a device that operates on battery power. However, were you aware that batteries bear resemblance to Goldilocks? No, they do not engage in acts of housebreaking or harass a group of …

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The Chinese government has articulated its plan to deliver astronauts into outer space with an electromagnetic railgun

The transportation of humans into space requires a substantial quantity of fuel. The Apollo missions were launched into orbit using the Saturn V rocket, which transported 770,000 liters (203,400 gallons) of kerosene fuel and liquid oxygen to facilitate burning. Scientists have envisioned various means of extricating ourselves from our atmosphere, …

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The US government aims to impose a tax on bitcoin in order to mitigate its environmental consequences

Computers used to secure cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin consume significant amounts of power, leading to increased electricity prices and potentially contributing to climate change. Now, the US government is determined to address the issueExperts caution that the US government’s proposal to tax cryptocurrency miners, aimed at curbing the industry’s significant …

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Unexplained Havana Syndrome Shows No Signs of Neurological Damage

Two recent brain-imaging studies have revealed that the mysterious illness that affected US diplomats abroad in 2016 did not result in any long-term brain damage. Referred to as Havana syndrome, this peculiar condition often manifests as dizziness, headaches, and blurred vision, along with other neurocognitive symptoms. However, the root cause …

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