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Jacob Chambers

As long-time IT enthusiasts, gamers and gadget fanatics, Mark and I have been working in the industry for a long time and we both have a vast experience in dealing with smartphones, tablets, PC and console hardware and everything tech-related. My list of industry insiders is long-enough to allow me to get insights into what's going on in the technology field and provide my readers with interesting and timely updates. I focus on brief, to-the-point reporting, keeping the "bla bla" to a minimum and making sure my readers get easy access to important information and updates. I mainly specialize in Android-based mobile devices, leaving iOS and Apple devices in Mark's capable hands.

Body Heat as Power Source – the Lumen Flashlight

Many of the modern technological inventions/developments are, so to speak, useless, or serve luxurious purposes, and are made without much consideration for their impact on the environment. However, there are exceptions such as the Lumen flashlight, which works without the need of a battery. Therefore it doesn’t threaten the environment …

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Pressure-Sensitive Health Device

In 2014, the project of Kenneth Shinozuka won $50,000 at the Google Science Fair competition. What inspired the 16-year-old boy to create this pressure-sensitive device is his will to protect his grandfather, who suffers from Alzheimer. The invention of Shinozuka makes caring for people with Alzheimer easier. Since his grandfather …

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Huawei potentially working on a curved display phone


We’re still not certain curved dual-edged displays will become a thing. But companies are definitely giving it a go following the success of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. According to PhoneArena, Samsung is giving Huawei a hand in building its own curved-display smartphone. By giving a hand, we mean giving …

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Nexus 5 2015 Release Date possibly set for September

Nexus 5 2015

Excited about Google’s upcoming flagship phone, the Nexus 5’s official successor? Well, we might not have to wait too long. According to TechRadar, new information has emerged which suggests the phone’s launch is even closer than previously anticipated, with Google revealing the phone on the 29th of September. This date …

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Xperia Z5 revealed by Sony in 3 distinct variants

Sony Xperia Z5

Following up on the relative success of its smartphone flagship line, Sony has just unveiled its new Xperia smartphones. After a relatively disappointing market presence for the Xperia Z4, many were wondering what the company was preparing next. Since the Z4 was launched without too much of a fuss and …

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