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Say goodbye to Chrome desktop notifications

Google introduced desktop notifications for Chrome this year, and while some find the feature useful, most deactivated the plugin because it was annoying and as usual with Chrome, slowed everything down. Chrome is well0known for hogging processing power and space, and the notifications system that Google implemented in the browser …

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New Siri and Google now hack discovered

Another smartphone exploit has been discovered and this time it has to do with Siri and Google Now. French researchers have discovered that Siri can now be accessed remotely by anyone if your phone has a pair of headphones plugged in. The exploit allows almost anyone to remotely send voice …

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Tesla Software Update Launched

Tesla doesn’t only deliver great cars, it also takes care of them afterwards. Tesla constantly updates its software and makes the updates available for its users over the air. The latest software currently available is version 7.0 and is now rolled out to Tesla Model S vehicles. The latest version …

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Amazon’s hotel booking service closed down

Amazon has shut down its hotel booking service, called Amazon Destinations. Amazon launched the service six months ago and it allowed you to book hotel reservations for a quick weekend getaway. As of yesterday Amazon has announced that its Destinations service would be discontinued. Naturally the story first broke ground …

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EA launches complex Minions Paradise game for Android

The Minions movie launched this year started a craze over the crazy, yet funny yellow characters in the movie. Once the cinematic creation started being showed in theatres, EA Games quickly announced that it would be making a game based on the movie, but moreso based on the adorable Minions …

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Twitter Suspended SBNation’s and Deadspin’s Accounts due to Copyright Infringement

On October 12 Vox Media’s SBNation and Gawker Media’s Deadspin both had a pretty unpleasant surprise. They found their Twitter accounts suspended due to copyright infringement. It seems that Twitter decided to suspend the two accounts after receiving a number of complaints. These showed that the sports publications violated a series of copyright protections. …

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