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Lexus’ Origami Car is Fully Functional

After seeing a wooden car at the Frankfurt Auto Show this fall , we thought that there isn’t much out there that could surprise us. Up until now. Lexus UK just unveiled a replica of its IS sedan, made from cardboard. This is not only a non- functional model. It …

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Daimler’s Self- Driving Truck Tested

These days cars and other vehicles get more and more technology on board. We witnessed the creation of all- electric cars, self- driving vehicles, but they were usually small ones. Daimler decided to take it up a notch and created a self- driving big rig truck. Although it is not …

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Linux Networks Threatened by XOR Trojan

A high- risk threat advisory for XOR DDoS proliferation was issued Tuesday by the Security Intelligence Response Team at Akamai. It seems that the malware dubbed XOR DDoS is targeting gaming and education websites. It was stated that the victims are targeted with distributed-denial-of-service attacks at 150 gigabytes per second of malicious …

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Wooden car wows at Frankfurt auto show 2015

The Frankfurt auto show took place from Thursday, September 17 to Sunday through September 27, 2015. Every auto show is focused on presenting exceptionally manufactured and designed cars, alongside the incredible technology they feature.The motor giants show off their latest prototypes designed to wow and to offer an astonishing user experience. We are used …

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T-Mobile – victim of a major hack

T-Mobile was the victim of a major hack through Experian. The latter is the company that processes T-Mobile credit applications. The hacker acquired personal data regarding approximately 15 million people. Some of these are T-Mobile clients. Others were people who applied at some point for a T- Mobile account. The …

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Model X- The First Electric SUV Created by Tesla

After the Tesla Roadster and the Model S a new magnificent electric vehicle has hit the road after being unveiled last night. The Model X was announced in 2012 and was finally released on 29 October by Tesla Motors. This is one of the world’s first all- electric SUV’s which …

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