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Bitcoin hits $5,000 and the Chinese Government bans ICOs sending the market into a freefall, are we witnessing a cryptocurrency crash?

Cryptocurrency crash

Bitcoin hit a major milestone on Friday. The cryptocurrency finally surpassed $5,000 in value. This coincided with an announcement from China that ICO’s are now illegal. These two factors then prompted a massive market selloff that bought the value of every major cryptocurrency tumbling down. The market shows no signs …

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Steem, A New Bitcoin Alternative, Soars

For the most part, Bitcoin remains the dominant force in cryptocurrency. Bitcoin has slowly but surely gained more influence in society, and has performed very well in 2016 despite mixed projections heading into the year. It’s had its setbacks, sure — like not being accepted in the Windows app store …

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NASDAQ Using Bitcoin Tech?

The NASDAQ stock exchange has begun to experiment with something that may change the way of how stocks are traded. They have decided to use the blockchain. For those who are unfamiliar with this, blockchain is the same technology that powers the system Bitcoin operates on. Essentially, it’s a computer …

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