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Jessica Morgan
I am passionate about gadgets and everything tech related.

The UMi Plus Offers a Great Price- Performance Ratio

umi plus

The star of the week is definitely the iPhone 7 that was just launched, but that doesn’t mean it’s the only smartphone everyone should consider. Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 also promised to be quite a catch until their batteries started to explode all over the world causing serious damages in …

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Galaxy Note 7 Smartphones Could be Banned by the FAA

galaxy note 7

Samsung really impressed everyone when they launched the Galaxy Note 7 in the summer. The new handset seemed to be a great one, with a slick design, powerful processor, enough memory for everyone to be content and a whole lot of interesting new features, such as the iris scanner. We …

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OnePlus 3 Battery Explodes, Decimates Phone

oneplus 3

The OnePlus 3 is definitely one of the most popular smartphones that were released this year. The third OnePlus device is not only powerful and good looking, it is also affordable, just like its predecessors. Even though the majority of the reviews coming from both users and the media were …

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APISAN Could Be The Solution In The Fight Against Bugs


The second day of the 25th USENIX Security Symposium that is currently taking place in Austin, Texas is now over and we can say that it was an interesting one.  Attendees, such as we are, could choose between multiple programs after the daily lightning talks. The papers that were presented on …

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Two New Apple Watch Models Coming in The Fall

apple watch

Some of us thought that a new version of the Apple Watch would be launched at the WWDC 2016, but unfortunately, Apple didn’t impress us at all at that event. However, this doesn’t mean that the Cupertino-based company won’t launch any wearable this year. As a matter of fact, according …

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Windows 10 Free Update Ends on July 29

windows 10

The majority of Windows users complained about the notifications Microsoft bombarded all of us concerning the free upgrade to Windows 10. For those who didn’t upgrade to the latest version of the globally used software, there is a good news. These notifications will end soon, given the fact that the …

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US Army Ditches Android for iPhone 6S

iphone 6s

The US Army’s Special Operations Command has used the Android Tactical Assualt kit for the last few years, but it seems that the era of Android has ended recently. The Army is now considering ditching the Android kits and favors the iPhone 6S instead of a smartphone that was more or …

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