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Mary Smith
Hi fellow tech enthusiasts! I'm Mary. I enjoy writing about tech, but I love tinkering with gadgets more. If it can take a screwdriver, leave it to me to fix it (or brick it). I'm passionate about Android and I'm all in for Google, but I don't stray from Apple nor Windows, so I'll keep you up to date on everything mobile (or stationary).

Kyocera and SunPartner introducing solar-powered smartphone


Kyocera and SunPartner have announced their partnership at the end of 2014, but we didn’t expect these two companies to come forward with a new device so soon. It seems our assumptions were wrong, because Kyocera and SunPartner have spilled the beans about a new rugged smartphone powered by light, through …

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Blogger sites containing nudity will be made private soon


Google has warned Blogger customers today that if their pages contain adult content, they should quickly take action themselves or Google will do so itself. According to Google, the Blogger platform is host to many pages containing porn and other adult content which is visible in search engine results if …

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Toyota is not getting into Apple CarPlay right now


Toyota is not interested in Apple CarPlay right now, so your hopes of having the infotainment system installed in a Toyota car are futile right now. In a report published by The New York Times, we find out that Toyota will be sticking to its own platforms for the time …

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Youtube Kids launched for both Android and iOS devices


Youtube Kids has been announced last week, but many were thinking the application would only be available on Android devices at first. That seems to have been misinformation, as today is the launch day of Youtube Kids and it seems the app will be available for both Android and iOS …

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Apple wants to hire Samsung employees, it’s not a joke


It seems Apple has seen the potential behind Samsung and its employees and is now looking to hire professionals from the company to work on their own products. According to a report from The Korea Times, Apple has already started looking to recruit former or current Samsung employees, especially in …

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Gemalto says SIM hacking fiasco isn’t a big deal


Gemalto is the biggest SIM card manufacturer in the world and in the past week, news outlets have been reporting that the firm’s cards have been hacked by internal UK and US agencies. There was immediate outrage among mobile technology enthusiasts, saying that now they are vulnerable and Gemalto should …

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