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Moto 360 2nd generation, still on top of things

Smartwatches were only a dream a few years back, now they are a must have in our lives. Although we can live without them, we don’t want to, because they are quite awesome. We’ve seen an impressive lineup of smartwatches this year, most of them running on Android Wear. The …

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Moto Shop Opens on November 7 in Chicago

All the major tech companies are opening retail shops nowadays. Motorola is stepping up also with their first Moto Shop that will open in Chicago. The Moto Shop will open on November 7, so there are only a few days left until then. The grand opening celebration however will only …

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Moto 360 delayed due to technical difficulties

Motorola and Lenovo announced the reboot for last year’s successful wearable, the Moto 360, at the IFA Berlin conference this month. Since then, the company announced that the wearable would start shipping to customers by the end of the month. Apparently, the schedule for shipping has been delayed due to …

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Moto 360 – The best looking smartwach

The latest gadgets to hit the market are the smartwatches. These devices took time-keeping to the next level. They blend in very well with what gadget enthusiasts want from their devices, ¬†interactivity, synchronization and ways to personalize the experience. In essence smartwatches link to mobile devices using Bluetooth technology and …

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No. 1 S3 – the round smart watch with a SIM card slot

Recently, wearable devices with multiple functionalities built-in have become widespread, especially among Chinese tech manufacturers. The No. 1 S3 smart watch is a great example of how style and practicality can be balanced out to result in a stylish wearable that doesn’t just feed you notifications, but does much more …

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The LG118 is a smart watch, and a phone

When there are so many wearables to choose from, it is hard to quickly make a decision and acquire a smart watch that is suitable for our needs. Which is one of the reasons why technophiles and wearable enthusiasts should consider all of their options when searching for a new …

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A Rumored Release for a New Moto 360

Motorola recently announced three new Android smartphones that will be arriving sometime soon. However, what has peaked the Internet’s curiosity is whether or not Motorola will release a successor to their popular smartwatch, the Moto 360. However, new rumors have surfaced that claim that the company is indeed, working on …

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The Moto 360 vs Apple Watch – Battle for supremacy

The Moto 360 and the Apple Watch are the most talked about smartwatches in the world. These two smartwatches run on 2 different platforms and are not cross-platform compatible. However there are some rumors about the Moto 360 support coming to iOS. So just to get the specs out of …

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Motorola is planning something exciting for us


Motorola is prepping for something exciting, as the company has announced that it would be sending out mystery boxes on February 25th to members of the press. 9to5Google got hold of the announcement which contains a short quote from Motorola saying that members of the press should be prepared on …

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